Dawne Basler Personal Bio

Dawne DeAnne Basler is a Native Born Southern Californian who later moved to the Mid-West for the love of her family. She is a former model for agencies out of Southern California and has lived in various States during her modeling career. Her first desire was to be an architect and was pursuing a career therein, at which time God called her to ministry, to build for His Kingdom.

Yahushua, (Jesus) came into her life powerfully in 1986 and He became her entire passion. At which time, God began to transform her way of thinking and living through her time spent in prayer and in the study of the Word of God. This also is when the call of God came to her for ministry.

Her calling is distinct, in that Yahushua came to her twice by the time she was 12 and again when she was 24 1/2 to reveal Himself to her and His calling on her life, to know Him intimately and to serve Him. His love and power overshadowed her noticeably and she submitted her life to know Him and to know His Word.

She went to 3 various Bible Schools, however, it was God who taught her Himself, by 18 hour days spent in His presence for many, many years. Dawne is the Founder/President of UNCWP Ministries, Reflections of the Heart Ministries, Dawne Kirkland Ministries and Rod of Iron Ministries. She has developed her teachings and other written works under "1111Publications". She has raised up many other ministries and works and has assisted others in their works for the Lord in churches and parachurch ministries. She is an Ordained Minister and her Counseling knowledge has come through years of helping a countless number of people.

While none of her schooling or service defined her, they did refine and prepare her to receive God’s heart, mind and vision for what He wants to do in His people and on the Earth in the days ahead. For the last 11 years, since 2009, God has set her apart from all of the activity of the churches and from all other influences, to learn from Him only and to be set apart for His purposes. During which time, God began to speak to her of His Sovereignty, showed her what is happening in the spiritual and natural realms on the earth and told her of things to come.

Part of God's training in her life was to allow her to encounter or experience first, what He intends to do. For 10 years, she has endured a Dark Night of the Soul. During which time, her one saving grace was that she was able to hear Him still, according to His plan to train her for the times to come. Her last public ministry work was in 2008. was that of ministering and teaching in a prophetic school in San Jose, CA and raising up a Church in Tulsa, OK. when God set her apart. She also still counseled people and briefly held studies during those years when God called. She has now been released with a God-given Mandate to, "Tell My People". And to tell them it is time for repentance.

Her primary focus in her work is to reveal the heartbeat of the Father to His people and to draw them into a deeper relationship Him. Her emphasis is in making known God's thoughts and mind and likewise, revealing the thoughts and the intents that lie within the heart of the people that oppose God’s Word, Will and Way. Confronting strongholds in the mind and in the realm of the natural and the spiritual that have bound God’s people to sin, to the past, being blinded and hard hearted through the deception that is in the world.

During working in ministry for 34 years, she made a successful career in Commercial and Residential Real Estate Investment, Development and management in California and Oklahoma for 22 years. She has served in multiple churches in every department, both in Southern California and in Oklahoma. And she began various ministries and has sat on church and ministry boards. In addition, she is a counselor to God’s people.

God has placed on her an anointing for repentance. To turn to God with one’s whole heart. The time of being in a wilderness for an extended amount of time has separated her to Himself in a consummate way. God has opened up the heavens and has shown her things to come and things that have already begun on the earth. Her prophetic insight and knowledge of God, His Word and the things that belong to Him, bring a clarifying and unique perspective on the Word of God.

Her teachings are broad and many. She has written many unpublished publications. Every one of them have come equipped with a challenge to truly know God, to inform the people of what God is saying, a call to repentance and instruction on how to successfully walk with God.

Her uncommon gift is to receive from God, have His insight, ways of thinking and interpret the hard things to help people to see what was previously perplexing or missing. Her insight and counsel enable people to see what was once in the dark, by bringing it into the light. Her purpose, is this: That others would KNOW that there is a God who loves them and who has their answers. He hears and He still speaks today.

Repentance precedes revival. If God’s people will hear His Voice, turn to Him with their whole heart, humble themselves and pray and seek His face, He will show up. He said, "I have told you these things that you will have peace (being united in Me). But, in this World, you will have trouble (compression, conflict within, without options with no way of escape). But be of courageous and bold, for I have overcome (conquered and become victorious over) the World."