Prologue to a New Day

I am taking a moment here to re-introduce myself to the public after being away for a period of 10 years in the Ministry or "Working for God" (my vocational calling), as I call it. Though my relationship with God had never been closer during those 10 years, He had prepared and chosen a sovereign, 'dark night of the soul' for me to go through. And because of the nature of Sovereignty, there was nothing I could do to change it. No amount of lack of understanding, tears, tantrums, acting out, sinning, being angry, forgiveness, repentance, Nothing. Could. Change it. During these years times, I learned alot. Both spiritual and natural. He set me apart and taught me things that I never wanted to know, nor did it come into my mind to ask Him. There are many things in the near future that He will allow me to reveal about what He has shared and exposed for the Church, the US, other Nations, people. And in part, I have revealed the things that are pertinent to now in the latest launching of my book, "Sovereignty, Searching for Faith in Treacherous Times". There will be a time coming soon, that God will want the rest of it shared for His people to know so they can and will be prepared for what has and is coming, both spiritual and natural. During the dark night of the soul, I still did occasional teaching, mentoring, writing or counseling. But it was difficult to concentrate on much with the trial of my faith seemingly trying to kill me. Mostly I cried, complained and lived in intercession. Though would like to have said I aced it and I was golden, that would be denial and a lie. One thing I knew through the entire process was, I had to be real. And sometimes real, was acting out. All I had known before this was great purpose and blessing to this time and there was no one person around me in ministry or otherwise that could understand or help me, so I acted out in a variety of ways. However, there was not a day spent without being in God's presence, with my intercessors, to be able to stay sane by reason of my experiences both spiritual and natural and to make it through to the other side. Before 2009, It was not that I was perfect or had yet been perfected through my time with God for all those years previous. Though, during those years, too many people had me on a "type of pedestal." But God had taught me for many years, whether people love me or they hate me, they have their own reasons for both and it has nothing to do with me. And most of the time, their reasons are not fully understood by them, nor are their intentions pure. God taught me to love people, be kind, forgive and let go if necessary. For many years preceding, during and after the dark night of the soul, the prophets would tell me about my calling(s) and the things I would do for God in the earth. And they had been, and were manifesting in my life exponentially from 1986-2008. Those were exciting times. God always showing up and doing such great miracles, people's lives being changed and creating so very many exciting new opportunities. However, being a intuited and devout learner of Yahuwah, of His thoughts and His Word, It never left my mind, as I also recalled the prophecies that were said to me, "There must be a time and a separation between that which you love and that which you desire". And, "Daughter, you have been successful and have built a beautiful one story and God your one story. But, He is going to wreck your one story and build a 50 story on the same foundation" by Bishop Bill Hamon. And this: "I see that this woman will travel the globe and reach all people all over the world, they will see her and hear her, but they will ask, "How did she get so humble"? Pastor John Perez. And through Prophetess Jane Hamon, "Sister, the Lord is going to separate you from everything and everyone you know that is around you now, those surrounding you and in your life, and you will say, "I don't know how any of this (prophecies of my calling) will ever happen", but the Lord says, Daughter, things are not going to work out the way that you thought they would work out, but I am going to put a hope back in you and a greater level of hope trust and faith in the Lord your God. The things I will do in your life will be bigger, better and brighter than you ever thought, dreamed or imagined." The list could go on. God wrecking you to build you bigger and humbling you the way that He envisions and wants for you to be does not happen over night. Oh yes, I had all the great prophecies that everybody loves, but I also had these others, that I hid in my heart, because I knew at the right time, at the time of God's choosing, that there would be a great price to pay to continue in the way that the God of all and everything, had called me. He was preparing me to know that He was placing a demand on His investment. So, in short, I write this intro, to prepare you for what God will say next. That's how I live. By my faith. Without it, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). I hope this website and the coming works through this ratified faith, will be possible to help you in your journey. Whether you agree or disagree, it is always a good and God thing for one to consider something before making final decisions to allow the Lord to give you understanding. "That I may know Him (through experiential knowledge) and the (ability of the) power of His resurrection (a rising again) and the fellowship (a contributory help, a partnership) of His suffering (sharing the same form from embodying the same inner essential reality; to be conformed to the glory of Christ., being conformed to His death (dying to the extreme core of self, to live to God by His life)" Philippians 3:10

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