When times get rough people question many things; themselves, others, relationships, the confusion around them, social media, leaders, and even their belief in God. During times such as these author Dawne DeAnne Basler relates in her newest book, Sovereignty: Searching for Faith in Treacherous Times, how she questioned everything she believed and turned to God and His Word to know the absolute truth and believe Him. Through this experience she received grace to believe God and His truth and, in the end, received His great gift of repentance to be able to follow and listen to Him, no matter what the cost. Sovereignty: Searching for Faith in Treacherous Times will also help you to experience the same peace during these perplexing times. "It is important to know and seek God during this expeditiously evolving time," explains Dawne.

Dawne speaks from a place of much experience, from both in the worlds of business and ministry. She has been in public ministry for 3 decades, as well as a property management professional for over 2 decades. Her insights are rooted in practical real-world experience as well as much time in study, spiritual relationship, and public ministry.

"God's mind is on relationship. And without knowing His mind, it is impossible to know Him," explains Dawne, "His Sovereignty is for hope. Which without, no one could live."

Dawne's newest book is a strong step to relaunch herself to those who may have not known her and the work she does for God and the Kingdom of Heaven. She has grown tremendously as she focused on public speaking, teaching, video/tv/radio, writing, counseling, etc.

Sovereignty: Searching for Faith in Treacherous Times is both spiritual and natural. It is for those who are perplexed at the times we live in or the events which are engrossing their lives. A solid read for those who are going through a hard time or for those who want to know what is on God's mind and heart.

"They (readers) don't have to be Christian or Religious, nor Democrat or Republican. After all, God isn't any of those things. … God has a greater view than we do."

In this book you will find answers you never thought to ask and learn things you never thought you needed to know. It will also answer many of the questions people are asking.

Dawne is also available for Public Speaking and Teaching. She also has a wide variety of products/services including Books, Teachings, Other Publications, Prophetic Counseling, Videos, Audios, and a Blogs.

"Not only does Dawne teach us God's ways, but she has shown us how to apply His ways."(Crystal F. Cleek)

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